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Holistic Medical Spa Gift Voucher

Holistic Medical Spa Gift Voucher

Instantly delivered to the email you specify
OR download it and print to give in person yourself

– Specify the amount you want
– Expiry 6 months (180 days) from date of purchase
– Vouchers valid also for products
– Suggested minimum value is €65 to give wide choice of treatments

NOTE: If you are purchasing from outside of Cyprus, add your Country in the State/County field during checkout to compete the transaction

Details to be printed on the Voucher:

Voucher Image


In the message section, add your name and a short messageMultiple vouchers can be purchased. However, in order to email the correct voucher to the correct person, you need to complete each voucher separately, adding each to your cart and then you can checkout with all the vouchers from your cart.
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